B. C. Raines

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I Am The Crown

Many women have successful and productive lives, yet still experience feelings of emptiness. What causes this perplexing void and what is the solution?

Author B. C. Raines, candidly shares her quest to escape the sinkhole which consumed her for many years. After many attempts, she eventually found her way out of the darkness and discovered, what she calls, her CROWN.

This one-of-a-kind self-discovery guide is packed with tools of enrichment to help young girls and women find the path to embrace their authority, exercise their influence, evaluate their significance and elevate their worth. Sister, the completeness you’ve been searching for is attainable – it’s within your reach! After reading, I Am The Crown and completing the discovery exercises you’ll find there is no one or nothing more important in this world (and in life’s plan) than you.

Sister, if you only knew!

Without you, the world would be missing something really big; something really great!
Something really, YOU!
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